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Anamnesis, Prolepsis, and Metaphor as a Means to the Complete Story of God's Covenantal People
By Leah Van Maaren, 80 pages

Summary: This paper explores the historic role of metaphor in communicating God's covenantal care for his people. The author writes, "Because of the church's failure to understand the complexity of our connection to the meta-narrative, many in the postmodern era seek roots within the historic faith; such a connection to the meta-narrative is found through the use of metaphor that communicates the facets of anamnesis and prolepsis in the worship context." Included is a service plan for a new holiday, Dismasegestus, decorations and Scriptures appropriate to the new holiday, as well as numerous appendixes of songs that promote the use of present tense metaphors to communicate future and past tense events.

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