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Music and the Arts in Worship and related topics:

Music's Role in the Revelation Response Dialogue of Christian Worship
Lorn Gieck, 2008, 80 pages.
Throughout history, music has had an assumed presence in the worship of the church, to the point where we view music and worship as synonymous terms. Evangelical use of music for worship is also heavily influenced by secular culture. Starting from a biblical theology of worship, this paper attempts to examine more closely how music can function within the corporate worship of the church.

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If We Shadows Have Offended: Towards a Worship Theology for Drama in the Church
Dale Harris, 2007, 23 pages.
Drama as skits of sketches is almost all that is known in contemporary evangelicalism. Harris explores some options beyond this idea. Included are concepts of drama related to reenactment rather than presenting a message. Reenactment of Passover, deliverance at the sea and the Eucharist are biblical examples. Included is this summary comment: "...we must begin, not with presentational, anthropocentric plays that emerge out of our own experience and felt needs, but with that participatory, theocentric "play" God has given us to perform, which we hear in the ministry of the Word and is made visible for us in the ministry of the Table."

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Reflecting Truth in Beauty
Bill Erlenbach, 2007, 15 pages.
As the emergent church explores the arts as a means of expression, communication and devotion, it requires a theological foundation on which to speak of Truth in terms of something as apparently subjective as beauty. This paper proposes both a Christological foundation and the imperative for the Church to embrace beauty as embodied in art as a necessary means of reflecting the Truth and goodness of God, His glory.

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The Curious Works of Bezalel: Reconsidering the Role of the Artist in the Emergent Church
Dale Harris, 2006, 29 pages.
Summary: This paper establishes a high standard for artists in the church. There is significant focus on emergent contexts. Included as an appendix is an original short story: New Clothes. If you wish to reprint this story, please email the CCWS site moderator (dale @ ccws . ca) for permission.
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