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Historic Worship Practices and related topics:

Observing the Season of Advent: Future, Past and Present
By Jason McNabb, 2008, 14 pages

Summary: The season of Advent has a rich history and much potential for contemporary practice. This paper briefly summarizes the roots of the season and then contends that the primary appropriate focus of Advent is an eschatological one. Included are some practical suggestions for those in traditions where Advent is either a new celebration or one with less depth. The themes of anticipation, hope and joy are discussed in light of potential connection to a more typical contemporary evangelical church practice.
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Heaven on Earth: Temple Tradition for the Contemporary Church
By Jay Dyrland, 20 pages

Summary: This paper explores the possibilities of including ancient Hebrew liturgies in contemporary worship contexts. A number of liturgical services are also included as appendices. These services date from the ancient Hebrew to 19th century evangelical. This paper will be very helpful for those trying to introduce worship practice that might connect with the postmodern.
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The Stations of the Cross in Contemporary Worship
By Mark Brosseau, 18 pages

Summary: For many in contemporary worship contexts, a lack of rootedness and history seems to be a significant liability. One response is to include ancient practices of worship. The Stations of the Cross are a good example of ancient worship that can be easily included in contemporary contexts. The author admits that "in starting this paper there was no preconceived idea of where it might end. In fact the journey started quite hesitantly as it was very unclear if there might actually be a positive ending possible or if the journey might end without any productive result. However, after investing a significant amount of time in reading and reflection, this outcome describing the Stations of the Cross for Today would appear to indicate it is possible for even a conservative protestant evangelical to reclaim a traditional church practice that might not have otherwise been accepted."
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Lent for Evangelicals: A Study on the Season of Lent and Application for its Introduction in an Evangelical Context
Dale B.H. Dirksen, 2001, 41 pages.
Summary: This paper provides an introduction to the history and theology of the season of Lent. Included is specific application for an evangelical context.
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A History, Current Use, and Future Vision for Vestments in the Church
Leah Van Maaren, 2005, 19 pages.
Summary: The place of special clothing for worship has a long history. This paper surveys the history and gives some contemporary analysis as well as suggestions for future use of official clothing for worship leaders--vestments.
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The Development and Practice of the Mass
Sherridan Anderson, 2004, 26 pages.
Summary: This paper outlines the development of the Mass. Included is an appendix that gives specific version of a number of different historical versions of this rite. Also included is discussion around the influence of Vatican II.
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The Use of Candles as a Symbol in Worship
Sherridan Anderson, 2003, 23 pages.
Summary: This paper surveys the use of candles and the related symbolism of light in Christian history. Included is an appendix identifying candle types and their uses.
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