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Contemporary and Postmodern Worship Ministry and related topics:

Towards an Emergent Litury: Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
By Jay Dyrland, 2008, 94 pages

Summary: Described as a time of "disorientation", this present moment in history provides an opportunity for emergent faith communities to evaluate how consumerism drives the process for worship planning and practice for many in the North American church. In this paper, discussion surrounding liturgical theology and the biblical concept of tabernacle seeks to root the church's worship into the narrative of Scripture, the historical worship of the Christian church, and the liturgical nature of its worship. Included: a liturgical order of service for an emergent community, a comparative chart of historical liturgies, a sermon focused on corporate worship, and a survey of New Testament liturgical language.
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Anamnesis, Prolepsis, and Metaphor as a Means to the Complete Story of God's Covenantal People
By Leah Van Maaren, 80 pages

Summary: This paper explores the historic role of metaphor in communicating God's covenantal care for his people. The author writes, "Because of the church's failure to understand the complexity of our connection to the meta-narrative, many in the postmodern era seek roots within the historic faith; such a connection to the meta-narrative is found through the use of metaphor that communicates the facets of anamnesis and prolepsis in the worship context." Included is a service plan for a new holiday, Dismasegestus, decorations and Scriptures appropriate to the new holiday, as well as numerous appendixes of songs that promote the use of present tense metaphors to communicate future and past tense events.
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Virtual Church: The Search For Knowing and Being Known in the 21st Century
By Jay Dyrland, 15 pages

Summary: Can the church be "virtual"? How might this affect community? How might this affect the idea of biblical knowing? This paper explores these and other questions.
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A Personal Theology of Worship--With Ideas for Developing Children Into Worshipers, Too
Linda Langman, 2004, 23 pages.
Summary: This paper is a development of a theology of worship around the centrality of inclusion of all generations in a gathered community of faith. Special attention is given to the inclusion of children. The paper is followed by an appendix outlining some practical application of the paper as well as some reflective evaluation by the author.
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Clothing and Reverence Among Youth
Bernd Heyde, 2004, 17 pages.
Summary: This paper is a consideration of the relationship between dress and a sense of respect. It focuses primarily on youth culture but broader application is possible.
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Worship Leader Mentorships: How to Guide, Empower, and Equip Worship Leaders of the Future
Joel French, 2004, 73 pages.
Summary: This lengthy paper gives a strong defense for the value of mentoring worship leaders. Included is an eight part appendix with tools to develop and implement mentoring in the local community of faith.
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Such As These: Integration of Children in the Church
Dani Harris, 2006, 44 pages.
Summary: This paper proposes that intergenerational worship is the best way to integrate children into the community of faith. It suggests that generational segregation is counterproductive to this goal. Included is an intergenerational musical production written for the small church context: "Meaningful to Me: The Story of Christmas." If you wish to perform this play, please email the CCWS site moderator (dale @ ccws . ca) for permission. Please use songs according to CCLI and other copyright guidelines.
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The Profile of a Worship Pastor in a Canadian Evangelical Context
Dale B.H. Dirksen, 2003, 127 pages.
Summary/Abstract: Effective worship ministry in Canadian evangelical churches requires gifting and skill in five areas: leadership, team building, music and the arts, administration, and communication technology. Effective education preparation for this ministry also requires study in four disciplines of theology, history, pastoral ministry and the arts. This paper provides a foundation for worship ministry preparation as well as the initial design of a M.A. program to prepare worship pastors (included in appendix C).
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The Spiritual Formation of a Worship Leader
Paul Israelson, 2006, 53 pages.
Summary: This paper identifies the necessary spiritual qualifications to be an effective worship leader and then offers advice on how to give leadership to the spiritual formation of these leaders. Included are warnings about the potential dangers unique to the kinds of people who choose to be worship leaders as well as the context and environment itself.
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Worship in a Postmodern Context
Wayne Deneault, 2003, 16 pages.
Summary: This paper briefly outlines the various developments of postmodern thinking around community, relativism, and personal experience. Practical advice is given as to how to worship God appropriately in this kind of context.
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