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Theology of Worship and related topics:

"The Things of God to Man and the Things of Man to God": Worship and the Mediation of Christ
By Dale Harris, 2007, 15 pages

Summary: This paper develops a theology of worship using the mediation of Christ as its primary theme. Its thesis is that to maintain an authentically Christian tension between God's transcendence and immanence, the church's worship must reflect and confess the Christological reality that both God's "man-ward" movement in revelation and man's "God-ward" movement in response happen in the person of Jesus Christ.
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The Glory of God
By Donna Thiessen, 44 pages

Summary: This paper explores biblical references to the Glory of God and suggests ways these texts might affect worship in contemporary contexts. Included is an extensive list of Scripture references and comments regarding the topic on pages 16-42.
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Temple Christology and the Death of Jesus
By Dale Harris, 23 pages

Summary: The thesis of this paper is that the Apostle John portrays Jesus in his death as the cross-enthroned Messiah who is the true dwelling place of God's glory, replacing the Temple with its institutions, priesthood, and cult as the locus of worship for the people of God.
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Three Essentials Of Biblical Worship
By Jay Wright, 21 pages

Summary: This paper proposes a Trinitarian model of worship that includes a focus on the historic four-fold structure and a communitarian emphasis. Discussion around the meaning of spirit and truth in John 4:24 is also addressed with a suggestion that this passage identifies a Trinitarian theology of worship.
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Immanence and Transcendence of God in Worship
by J. Pallansch, 10 pages.
Summary: This paper outlines a theology of worship that is oriented around the tension between the immanence and transcendence of the Divine and related areas of presentation and participation. It includes a brief summary of personal impact the study has had on the writer.
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Worship a Response to a Revelation of the Christ-Event Story
by J. Van Beek, 17 pages.
Summary: This paper defends the principle that Christian worship must include the revelation of the Divine as well as human response. Included is a practical component around four Advent lessons to prepare hearts for Christmas.
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The Revelation/Response Dialogue in Christian Worship
by B. Kramer, 17 pages.
Summary: This paper defends the idea that biblical worship must include both the revelation of the Divine and human response. Included is a theology of worshp and examples of Hebrew and Greek words commonly translated "worship" in English Bibles. Revelation of the divine is seen as a kind of presentation in the gathered community of faith. Response is seen as a kind of participation.
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