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Sign and Symbol in Worship and related topics:

Brought Safely Through Water: Baptism and the Covenant Story of Israel
by Dale Harris, 2007, 19 pages.
This paper develops a theology of baptism by examining its place in the covenant story of Israel. Its thesis is that theologically, baptism functions for the church as a fundamental sign of her participation in the covenant story of Israel as it is taken up and ultimately fulfilled by God's act in, through and as Jesus the Messiah.
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The Convergence of Transcendence and Immanence in the Eucharist
by Bill Erlenbach, 2006, 11 pages.
The Eucharist is a particular act of corporate worship where the transcendence of God converges with the immanent, each in its totality, the act of worship where Christus absens is experienced as Christus praesens. It is a memorial to the redemptive particularity of the convergence of God's transcendence and immanence in the person of Jesus Christ.
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The Sacred Act of Wedding: How the History of Marriage Ceremonies Affects Their Future
Joel French, 2003, 18 pages.
Summary: This paper traces the development of the marriage ceremony from biblical contexts to the contemporary. Included are current cultural developments as well as an application to the writer's ministry context.
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The Eucharist - Real Presence
Dennis Elhard, 2004, 15 pages.
Summary: This paper surveys the literature in support of the idea of the "real presence" of Christ in the Eucharist. Included is related discussion from ancient church fathers and some key thinkers in the Orthodox tradition. The sense of mystery in this central church rite is strongly supported.
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The Historical and Contemporary Use of Stained Glass
Darrell Lim, 2005, 17 pages.
Summary: This paper outlines the development and practice around the use of stained glass. Included are some helpful suggestions for the introduction of this kind of symbolism/artwork in contemporary and evangelical settings.
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Sabbath as Sacrament
Dell Bornowsky, 2005, 27 pages.
Summary: This paper presents a compelling argument to consider the place of Sabbath as means of grace. Included is an appendix with practical advice around the biblical ideas of rest and renewal.
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Icons for Evangelicals: The Theology and Use of Icons in Orthodox Churches and Potential Applications for the Use of Symbol in Contemporary Evangelical Churches
Dale B.H. Dirksen, 2001, 68 pages.
Summary: This paper surveys various ideas around the use of icons in worship. Included is a discussion around the historical Orthodox theology of icon and a related critique. Practical suggestions are given regarding the possibility of inclusion of icon in contemporary evangelical worship contexts. Included is a glossary of related terms.
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Capturing Truth in Symbol
Cindy Goudy, 2006, 24 pages.
Summary: This paper is a discussion around the importance of symbol and its relationship to truth. The focus is largely around the Emergent church. Included as an appendix is an Emergent Eucharistic Liturgy for a Modern (Non-Sacramental) Evangelical Fellowship.
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Baptism in the Mennonite Brethren Church
Nancy Penner, 2005, 19 pages.
Summary: This paper surveys the symbolic act of baptism in Scripture, and the history of the Mennonite tradition. Included is discussion around the increasing significance of baptism in current Mennonite Brethren churches.
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Baptism as an Initiation Rite into the Church: Its Relationship to Church Membership
Jane Martens, 2003, 19 pages.
Summary: This paper explores the various modes and approaches to baptism as an entry ritual for the Christian church with a practical emphasis around "The Meeting Place", a local congregation in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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