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A Christian Celtic Worship Service
By Dale Harris, 8 pages

Summary: This is a brief outline of a Christian Celtic worship service that happened at a Briercrest Seminary Chapel in 2007.

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Anonymous Anonymous said: This service is neither ancient nor in the public domain. Most of the prayers and words are taken directly from a modern published work, "Celtic Daily Prayer" which is the prayer book of our Community, the Northumbria Community. I am delighted to see that it is being put to use, but it sounds as though it is original to the writers whose names are on this document. 
Anonymous Leah V. said: Nice service!

In response to the other commenter, I don't see where the author has made any claims to the service as being 'ancient'. Rather, I see the service as broadening the diversity of worship practices and resources used among this particular worshiping community. The prayers and readings used in the service are clearly cited as coming from the "Celtic Christian Spirituality" book, and are cited as originating in the 9th, 10th and 12th centuries. Most likely this book, as well as the "Celtic Daily Prayer" book of the Northumbria Community contain compilations of these historic writings.

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